Friday, July 06, 2007

k.d. lang- Sweet Little Cherokee

Gone to bed.

I hope to see k.d. lang for the first time when she sings in my town tonight. Can her celebrated voice really be that powerful and emotive? Here's a Western song from the much despised Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. I happen to like everything about the soundtrack. The film's incidental music and its sudden stylistic shifts are very entertaining.

My friend Lee wrote a thoughtful post about the absurdity of jazz's "warrior squirrels" in the peanut gallery. I've used the saw about deck chairs on the Titanic; Lee is much more clever.

Lee and I had only half-jokingly kidded about making a road trip to Branson to see Boots Randolph. Alas, we missed our chance. Here's Boots with Floyd Cramer, Roy Clark and local golfer Tom Watson.

There's no way this video of a seven-year-old Beverly Sills will fail to make you smile. It's safe to say that any exposure to opera I received during my childhood came courtesy either Looney Tunes or Sills.

Longtime personal favorites The Rubinoos are in the news! This video clip is pretty damning.

Kansas City Click: k.d. lang and Lyle Lovett share the stage at Starlight tonight.

The Manhattans and the Spinners are scheduled to play Municipal Auditorium on Saturday.

Otts on the Plaza rocks every Sunday night. This week the noise comes courtesy of Six II Chaos and Tripp Algiers.


Lee said...

Sitting in a dark theater watching Cowgirls back in 90-whatever, I remember two thoughts forming simultaneously in my head: "This movie sucks!" and "I've got to buy the soundtrack!" It seems to me that her output has become a little too smooth of late. I miss the sassy edge of the young kd I had the pleasure of seeing at the old Guitars and Cadillacs in Westport. Still, what a set of pipes.

PS Sadly, there are warrior squirrels in every genre. That's the Internets for ya.

Happy In Bag said...

Oh, Lang was stunning last night!

jonderneathica said...

I think I've seen kd lang in concert three times, and each has been a special experience, highlighted not only by her extraordinary voice but also her sense of humor and the wonderful rapport she has with her audience. She usually covers Roy Orbison's "Crying", and one time I saw her do "Johnny Are You Queer?"

Anonymous said...

Hey! Have a Branson vacation. It is an awesome place to visit. Look it up!