Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sonny Sharrock- As We Used To Sing

The song is over.

The out-of-print Into Another Light is a coveted title among jazz collectors, and not just because of its "none more black"cover. Issued after the death of innovative guitarist Sonny Sharrock, it's a extreme mix of rock, jazz and "out." "As We Used To Sing," recorded in 1991, is my favorite composition. The compact Sharrock solo beginning at the 70-second mark wipes me out. If the drummer sounds like Elvin Jones, that's because it is Elvin Jones. The earthy textures added by fellow Coltrane alum Pharoah Sanders are useful points of entry for less adventurous listeners. Charnett Moffett plays bass.

My immediate impressions of Monday's Bob Dylan show are here.

A local caterer relates an amusing story about her brush with Bob here. Banana puddin'!

Kansas City Click: Paul & the Violent Farmers are what might happen if the Blue Collar Comedy guys wrote songs for a heavily medicated Mojo Nixon. I detest myself for laughing at this repugnant stuff. Unless his MySpace account is an elaborate joke- which is entirely possible- this freak is at a place in Lee's Summit called Sorano's tonight.

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