Monday, July 23, 2007

Harold Budd and Brian Eno- Against the Sky


I don't have a security blanket. And the only pills I pop are Advil. When I get the urge to crawl under my desk, I sometimes reach for The Pearl instead. The out-of-print Harold Budd and Brian Eno collaboration is immeasurably soothing. In fact, it's so mesmerizing that I spaced out for ten minutes while writing this post. It's no surprise that Daniel Lanois is listed as a producer of the 1984 release.

I've launched another music blog. I describe Plastic Sax as "an irreverent and opinonated guide to jazz in Kansas City." My rationalization for the commitment is here.

I got to talking about music with a guy at a party Saturday night. He began raving about Fennesz. I had no idea what he was talking about until I looked him up online. It's embarrassing that I'd been oblivious to the Austrian's great stuff.

Kansas City Click: The great John McEuen returns to the Mountain Music Shoppe tonight. His March show in the intimate room was spectacular.

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