Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Phil Woods- Ebullition


Rod at Words and Music recently speculated on what Charlie Parker might sound like had he survived. I'm inclined to believe that Bird's career would have mirrored Miles' forays into new realms like funk and electronica. Phil Woods, one of Parker's greatest disciples, would probably disagree. Those who believe that Woods plays it too straight need to hear Woods' solo on "Ebullition." After Steve Gilmore's extended bass introduction, Woods lets loose at the 3:15 mark. It's real blindfold test material. Hal Crook, Tom Harrell, Hal Galper and Bill Goodwin join Woods on the out-of-print 1989 session Flash.

According to Elbo and Hype Machine, only a handful of the music bloggers they track have mentioned Julieta Venegas. And almost all of those references were merely because the vocalist appeared at Coachella. What in the name of Bishop Allen is going on! Few performances in the last couple of years can possibly be more charming and sexy than Venegas' role in this video.

Kansas City Click: Even though there's nothing in their Coldplay meets Nickelback sound that interests me, I'm tempted to catch Absentstar at the Hurricane tonight just to see why a major label signed the Chicago band. Or perhaps I've already solved that riddle.


Bruce said...

Julieta Venegas! Criminally underappreciated, to coin a phrase. She can make melodies out of nothing. I can still listen to "Bueninvento" and be surprised by it.

Lee said...

- I have to wonder whether Parker would have embraced classical music and where that might have led him.

- Wait until the plushies get a load of that video!

- Rice Dream? That shit's nasty!