Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tech N9ne- Walk These Shoes

These shoes walked away.

Kansas City's Tech N9ne is a confounding collection of contradictions. He eagerly addresses the thug life, yet he also displays rare introspection. He's clearly in sync with the West Coast sound of Dre, yet instead of employing the usual slow drawl, Tech known for his rapid, Twista-like delivery. He sells out the region's big auditoriums, but a disproportionate number of ticketholders are college students. And then there's his hair... "Walk These Shoes," a defense of criminality on Kansas City's mean streets, is taken from 2000's The Worst: 2K Edition, which appears to be out of print. Filled with references to the problems that continue to plague this city, it's chilling to hear Tech toss off lines like "F*ck Ad Hoc," referring to an anti-crime group. But as he says, "'Til you walk these shoes, you couldn't understand my views."


Happy In Bag said...
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Anonymous said...

Not a huge rap fan, but this guy's definitely got something.

Does anyone know where or how one can get his hands on the Tech N9ne single "The Beast"? It's featured on the Madden 2006 game, but I can't find it anywhere, on any album, music service, or website.

Anonymous said...

Found it myself, put it up here if you want to hear it/download it.

ion myke said...

The Beast is gonna be on Tech's upcoming album, Everlast: The Religion. It was supposed to be out already, we been waiting patiently. My personal favrite album from tech so far is Anghellic. Highly slept on.

sexy said...