Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Roy Harper- Another Day

The song didn't last another day.

I'm thrilled by the recent freak-folk movement. Cats like Devendra Banhart and Sufjan Stevens are making being a hippie stylish again. Of course, these artists' influences aren't limited to Nick Drake and Paul Simon. Dig under the newcomers' beards and you'll likely find a few moldy Roy Harper albums. Familiarity with Harper's music doesn't diminish one's appreciation of the new crop of artists, but it offers insights into the origins of many of their best ideas. Harper may be best known for the Led Zeppelin tribute "Hats Off To Harper," but perhaps this recent trend will rekindle interest the music of this secret touchstone. Harper has an enormous catalog; this wistful ditty is from 1970's excellent Flat Baroque and Berserk.

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