Friday, January 06, 2006

Lou Rawls- Love Is a Hurtin' Thing

Lou's song is over.

Lou Rawls was smooth. Sort of a link between Johnny Mathis and Otis Redding, Rawls enjoyed a prosperous career on the symphonic pops circuit in recent decades, but his original hits were so universally loved that his status as a great soul, jazz and gospel singer was never jeopardized. Just listen to his voice on the wonderful "Love Is a Hurtin’ Thing" from ‘66. It’s impossibly rich and lustrous, yet at key moments, he adds a tiny bit of gravel to emphasize that yes, love is a hurtin’ thing. Rawls died earlier today. He was 72.

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Don't Need Anything said...

smooth is the first word i think of when i hear rawls name as well...

huge loss.