Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Replacements- Here Comes a Regular

Gone looking for a party.

I never saw a good Replacements show. They disappointed me every time I saw them. It's not that they were wasted- that doesn't faze me- they just seemed bored and indifferent. Still, like thousands of other sensitive kids, they were my favorite rock band in the mid-80s, when Paul Westerberg's songs seemed as if they were written just for me. I collected the band's output, but now I can't even remember how I came to own this live promotional CD. Yet songs like this still kill me.


Anonymous said...

I saw them at the Warner Theatre in DC in 1989. They were terrific. Not as you describe at all.

My only regret is not having purchased the "We're only in it for the Money" t-shirt after the show.

Happy In Bag said...

I envy you, my anonymous friend.

Anonymous said...

I saw the replacements live 3 times in Seattle, 2 of them were pathetic...but one show, the middle show at the Moore Theatre with The Young Fresh Fellows opening was GREAT! Security had been extremely tough on the crowd throughout the opening act, so much so it was making the night miserable.

When the Mats (Tim Era) came on they just suck Fuck You and walked out to the aisles into the audience and played the first 4 songs in the audience!!!! Starting with Bastards of the Young!

Here Comes a Regular is a spiritual experience for me every time I hear it. OK, just passing through looking for lyrics, have a great life, Cheers, dave