Thursday, January 12, 2006

Solomon Burke- It Makes No Difference

Solomon is gone.

On paper, Solomon Burke's Make Do With What You Got should have been one of the best new releases of 2005. The soul legend covers Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Sr., Jagger/Richards and other impeccable songwriters. His band, led by Ray Parker, Jr., is tight. Producer Don Was has a expansive imagination and is sympathetic to veterans like Burke. But it just doesn't work. This reading of one of my favorite songs- The Band's "It Makes No Difference"- is a perfect example. The song's original vocalist, Rick Danko, had a shaky, vulnerable voice- the polar opposite of Burke's commanding instrument. Yet Burke just doesn't seem to be feeling it. Carping aside, it's still Solomon Burke and a great band interpreting a wonderful song.

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billy budapest said...

I generally love Solomon, but you are right about this release. Not happening! A big reason? Don Was is a nice fella and all, but he's way up there amongst the most boring record producers to ever hit the big time!