Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Sonia Pottinger, 1931-2010

For reggae fans, at least American reggae fans of my generation, a recording's producer and the corresponding record label are often just as important as the name of the artist. The names Scratch Perry, Duke Reid, Trojan Records, Sly & Robbie, Beverley's Records, Island Records, King Tubby, Coxsone Dodd, Studio One, Leslie Kong and Byron Lee often serve notice as to the style and quality of a production from reggae's so-called classic era.

Sonia Pottinger and her Gay Feet, Tip Top, Rainbow and High Note labels are also significant names from that period. Pottinger died November 3. Culture's excellent Trod On album features Pottinger's production. Listen to the title track here. She also oversaw recordings of raw ska and countless obscure but wonderful sessions.

Pottinger's Wikipedia entry indicates that she purchased Duke Reid's Treasure Isle label in 1974. This stunning compilation contains some of my favorite music of all time. (Do yourself a favor and listen to the 30-second snippets.)

I caught the Branford Marsalis Quartet on Saturday. Here's my review. I saw the Zac Brown Band for the first time on Sunday. Here's my review.

I stunk on ice at music trivia at the Record Bar last night. The answer to one of the name-that-artist sound clips was this band. I guessed Kyuss. Wrong again.

Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be a human being.

Kansas City Click: Todd Strait sits in with Steve Rigazzi at Jardine's on Tuesday.

Amy Farrand hosts her weekly variety show at Davey's Uptown on Weirdo Wednesday.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)


bigsteveno said...

That Treasure Isle comp is great. I like the one on Trojan called Ba Ba Boom. I didn't know Sonia had died. I fist heard her name on the comp called Musical Feast: Mrs. Pottinger's High Note And Gayfeet Label, which I recommend. R.I.P.

And btw my team guessed the Melvins, which was as wrong as Kyuss, though both were reasonable guesses. I don't even remember what the right answer was.

Happy In Bag said...

Wait... What? I know you in real life?

Yeah, that's a good one too.

Fu Manchu, man.

bigsteveno said...

Fu Manchu. Have to remember that, because I think that's the second time they've come up.

I'm not sure I know which one you are. I'm the old guy on the team that won last night. Say hello next time.

Duncanmusic said...

I So agree with you about the Elvis L:as Vegas show. I also used to like Larry King back in the early 70s on late night radio. I think it was because I couldn't see him. Now I can't wait for him to retire. He asks the most embarassing questions (find the McCartney/Starr interview when the Beatles LOve show was premiered of the last chat with Willie Nelson ); embarassing because they are so pitifully uninformed and mundane.
As for Elvis' daughter, SHE needs to get a life.

Happy In Bag said...

BigSteveNO- Are you the guy who actually knew "Cream Puff War" by the Grateful Dead? That was amazing.

Oh, I saw that cringe-worthy Willie Nelson interview, Duncan! Question after question about smoking.

bigsteveno said...

That was me. My excuse is that I was/am a Deadhead. Robert has asked more questions about that first album than any other Dead-related topic.

Happy In Bag said...

You've given me a good reason to return, Steve. I don't play much, largely because my inability to control my temper is embarrassing.

bigsteveno said...

Please do come back. I'd much rather lose to knowledgeable competitors, even temperamental ones, than beat people who don't know anything. Robert will keep the questions challenging if we rise to the occasion.