Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vern Gosdin, 1934-2009


I was raised on Waylon, Willie and the boys. While I liked that stuff, it wasn't really "my" music. It wasn't until "Set 'Em Up Joe"'s run as a radio hit that I could finally embrace the music of my childhood without reservation. The song had it all- boozy barroom ambience, candid acknowledgment of heartbreak, unabashed appreciation of the healing power of music and glorification of tradition. The latter sense of reverential pride is echoed on "Mother Country Music," a song from a misleadingly titled set. Vern "The Voice" Gosdin is responsible for bringing me into the fold. He died Monday. (Tip via BGO.)

It's not quite Heavy Metal Parking Lot. In some ways, this painfully awkward interview of metal fans loitering in front of The Uptown Theater yesterday is even better. (Via Wayward Blog.)

I'm pretty darn excited about KPRS' Summer Jam II. The only thing lacking is a decent promotional poster.

Kansas City Click: Rust never sleeps. Neil Young visits The Sprint Center tonight.

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