Friday, April 03, 2009

Brendan Croker- Darlin'

She's gone.

The liner notes to a 2000 compilation of the man's solo work characterize Brendan Croker as "Britain's answer to Ry Cooder." That's fair. He's a master collaborator. Most famously, he worked with Mark Knopfler in The Notting Hillbillies. Even He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-In-This-Space makes a guest appearance on this collection. Even so, Croker's lovably shambolic roots rock seems more in keeping with J.J. Cale, Nick Lowe and Lowell George.

If Prince and Pharrell Williams holed up in a Wichita studio during a tornado, they might come up with "A.D.D." I have a spotty track record when it comes to predicting hits, but I'm convinced that if given half a chance, the new song by XV could become a monster.

Here's an update on the case of murdered reggae star Lucky Dube.

Kansas City Click: Steve Coleman makes a rare Kansas City appearance tonight at The Blue Room.

A tribute to Muddy Waters continues Saturday at B.B.'s Lawnside BBQ.

The Life and Times headline a strong Sunday show at The Record Bar.


pollicino said...

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Don't Need Anything said...

you make A.D.D. sound like something that even I might like. ill have to give that a shot.

oh and by the way i have a new blog. the prospects of this one staying open and rolling is MUCH better this time.