Friday, April 10, 2009

Eilen Jewell- Rain Roll In

Dried up.

Lucinda Williams has nothing on Eilen Jewell. Sea of Tears, slated for release April 21, opens with the world-weary yet sensual "Rain Roll In." The remainder of the album simmers with similar intensity. Deliberately low-key, it's a quiet, painfully honest effort that will instantly register with fans of Car Wheels On a Gravel Road and Blood On the Tracks. Jewell will be on tour for the remainder of 2009. Here's an evocative live video.

My friend BGO informed me of Nancy Overton's death. Don't tell me you didn't love "Lollipop" and "Mr. Sandman".

Pops Winans died yesterday.

Can 11-year-old kids rock? I think so. Check out Supercharge. I don't know anything about these tots, but I suspect that they're further evidence of my theory that the Guitar Hero and Rock Band video games are spawning a new generation of real-life musicians. (Tip via B.L.)

I reviewed Aterciopelados' show earlier this week.

Kansas City Click: The Wee Trio perform the late show tonight at Jardine's.

Jay Blackfoot, Shirley Brown, Theodis Ealy, Latimore, Marvin Sease and Mel Waiters are on the bill at a woefully under-promoted blues show Saturday at Kemper Arena.

Jason Isbell and Justin Townes Earle hit Knuckleheads on Sunday.


bgo said...

I'm going for cheap humor here but if The Classmen are actually performing, I wonder if they will cover "Shakin' All Over" (founder Drew Dimmell--Yes, the TV guy) has Parkinson's.


punkyjunk said...

oh why does the jason isbell show HAVE to be on Easter Sunday? i'll be immersed in family activities all day and will have to miss this sure-to-be-awesome show.

rickdog said...

Find more Eilen Jewell in my mp3blog and forum searches: