Monday, April 20, 2009

Jay Thomas- Easy Living


Since I don't have a CD player or satellite radio in my car, I often find myself listening to Bob Parlocha when I drive late at night. I'm fascinated by the old school sensibility of the syndicated jazz jock. A couple weeks ago I caught him raving about Jay Thomas. And the trumpeter is very good. He strikes an elegant balance between the classic swing of guys like Ruby Braff and post-Miles modernity. "Easy Living" is from 1993's Blues For McVouty. It's also one of several MP3s also available at Thomas' site.

The new album from Medeski Martin & Wood is really good. It's strikes me as an imaginative combination of Nine Inch Nails, The Meters and Art Tatum.

OK, I'll admit it. Kris Kristofferson made me cry Friday. Here's my review.

I just received word that Rhythm & Ribs, Kansas City's annual blues and jazz festival, is taking a "hiatus" in 2009.

Today's Plastic Sax post stimulated a nice discussion. I'm proud of my Kansas City jazz site.

Kansas City Click: Lonnie Smith hits The Blue Room tonight.


bgo said...

"an imaginative combination of Nine Inch Nails, The Meters and Art Tatum."

Say what?

Happy In Bag said...

You heard me. Just give it a listen.

bgo said...

I'm right proud of your Kansas City Jazz site too. But then, I know you well enough to not expect anything of lesser quality than what we are receiving so far. Keep up the excellent vibe for us jazz cats (gender neutral).

You'll have to loan me your copy of tne new MM&W so I can hear if you are telling the truth ;)

I cannot afford even a used copy if one was available right now.