Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cedar Hill Refugees- Keys To the Kingdom

Locked out.

It happens. Sometimes a great album is hidden inside deceptively atrocious packaging. Its unfortunate appearance aside, Pale Imperfect Diamond by Cedar Hill Refugees is easily among my favorite albums of 2009. It combines the likes of Marty Stuart, Greg Leisz, Ron McCoury and Harry Stinson with Uzbek musicians. As demonstrated on "Keys To the Kingdom," featuring the unmistakable voice of The Almighty Ralph Stanley, the result is often surprising and never less than intriguing. More information is available at Effigy Records.

I'm amused that so many partisans of hard rock and heavy metal- stylistic genres ostensibly representing freedom and rebellion- are so conservative and reactionary. Here's my review of last night's Chris Cornell show. Unlike this guy, I loved the concert.

Mac Lethal has birthed yet another first-rate video.

The New Low Down offers a podcast interview with Andrew Connor of Ghosty.

Kansas City Click: I'm not particularly excited that The Toadies are at The Beaumont tonight. I realize the statement makes me the odd man out, but I prefer Burden Brothers.


bgo said...

Cedar Hill Refugees sounds right up my alley. Going to go check out their MySpace place after work this evening.

Happy In Bag said...

Don't miss the Peasall Sisters, BGO. Those kids are growing up!