Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Syd Nathan- Talks About His European Trip

Passport expired.

2008 marks the 65th anniversary of the founding of King Records. Two panel discussions were conducted last Saturday in Cincinnati to commemorate the legacy of the independent record label. I would have loved to have attended. Instead of any of King's official recordings from the likes of Bill Doggett, Little Willie John or the Delmore Brothers, here's a snippet of company founder Syd Nathan holding court in 1952. By today's standards, his chatter is racist, sexist, vulgar and provincial. But like everything included in the four-disc The King R&B Box Set, it's essential stuff.

For the first time all year, my Tuesday new release purchases didn't include any jazz or hip hop titles. Music industry folk may want to take note of my consumer logic. I picked up the new Duffy. I hadn't bothered to listen to a note of her music, but my friend BGO has been raving about her for months. So I took a chance for $6.99. It's a treat- Duffy is a Dusty Springfield and Dionne Warwick throwback. I also bought the gorgeous reissue of Frank Sinatra hits. I already owned most of the 22 songs, but I couldn't lay off the deluxe packaging; it's shiny. It too was well under ten dollars. Bun B and James Carter top my list for next week.

My friend Tim tirelessly documents American Idol at The Other Door, a virtual live blog. His take is smart and funny.

Kansas City Click: The Iguanas ignite a party at Knuckleheads tonight.


bgo said...


Couple things...

Thanks for plugging Duffy!

Have you checked out Adele:

She is getting plenty of ink in the UK and will have an US release soon.

bgo said...

If you think the official video you linked is sweet, check this performance on Later With Jools.

Watch her soar about 2:14 into the song. And the band sounds wonderful, doncha think.


Anonymous said...

here's a little bit

Happy In Bag said...

Thanks for the link, Anon. I like hearing the public official read those song titles.

Have you been following the backlash lately, BGO?