Monday, May 05, 2008

Mark Eitzel- Saved

But no longer here.

60 Watt Silver Lining is one of my favorite albums. While its jazz-inflected vibe turns off a lot of American Music Club stalwarts, the noirish 1996 release perfectly suits my sensibilities. That's not to say that I want to hang out with Mark Eitzel. The memory of an encounter I had with him back in the '80s still gives me the willies. For all I know, he feels the same way. Here he is on stage last week with American Music Club.

Clark Terry canceled his appearance in Kansas City last night. Send good thoughts his way.

Have you missed me? I've been hanging out at Wrigley Field and Millennium Park.

Kanas City Click: Eitzel and American Music Club are at the Record Bar tonight. Olympic Size is an ideal opening act.

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