Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Last Town Chorus- Loud and Clear


I was charmed last year by The Last Town Chorus' blissfully lethargic cover of David Bowie's "Modern Love". But it's "Loud and Clear" that has made me sit up and take notice of Megan Hickey's artistry. The song is from The Last Town Chorus' forthcoming release on Hacktone Records. Its sweet but spooky self-referential wistfulness is a revelation. Reminiscent of early '80s jangle pop, "Loud and Clear" is like an indie-roots update of "Every Breathe You Take." Here's a live version of the song filmed in Indianapolis last week. The Last Town Chorus' 2007 release is Wire Waltz.

While it's unlikely that anyone but me is keeping score, I just noticed that There Stands the Glass just passed a milestone of sorts. Since November 2005, I've now posted 601 times. In keeping with my initial plan, no artist has ever been featured twice. Well, almost none. Tellingly, the exception is Ike Turner. I wrote about him a second time when he passed away last year. The Last Town Chorus represents the 600th artist I've spotlighted in 601 posts.

I can't say I'm a fan of Clay Aiken's, but I wasn't surprised to see his advocates turn out in droves to purchase his new release yesterday. I doubt that any artist in 2008 has more devoted followers.

Kansas City Click: Last Town Chorus and Kathleen Edwards are at Knuckleheads tonight.

(As indicated, the image is by Robert Loerzel.)


-Lisa said...

I love your "indie-roots update" comparison of The Last Town Chorus' new song. Thanks for linking to the video I shot last week.

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