Thursday, May 22, 2008

Betty Wright- If I Ever Do Wrong

No Wright or wrong.

It's funny the way a jazz blog can lead to a posting dedicated to soul great Betty Wright, but that's the state of music in 2008. A pal asked me to recommend acts at my city's forthcoming Rhythm & Ribs festival. Angie Stone is at the top of my list. She collaborates with Wright on "Baby", the first single from Stone's most recent album. It seems the climate is ideal for a big Wright comeback. "If I Ever Do Wrong," a minor hit in 1976, is contained on the excellent The T.K. Years compilation.

Congratulations, David Cook! You now own this town. I'll pay tribute by offering you a little unsolicited A&R advice. You might be pressured into chasing Daughtry's extraordinary success by adopting a style similar to Creed, Filter and Nickelback. Resist that suggestion. Instead, consider reviving '70s rock. The material would be brand new to your young fans, and your most avid supporters- women in their thirties and forties- would be ecstatic if you covered the James Gang's "Walk Away", added some edge to Steve Miller's "Keep Rocking Me Baby" or made classic BTO sound fresh. You're welcome.

I guess I'm a humorless crank. Not only was I not amused by the shenanigans during Idol's Gladys Knight segment, I thought the parody was borderline racist.

The Barclay Martin ensemble, a Kansas City folk-jazz-pop act, just posted a nice promotional video.

Kansas City Click: The Asylum Street Spankers entertain at Knuckleheads.


dave said...

thanks for introducing me to betty wright, can't get enough of that stuff.

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