Monday, January 07, 2008

Slim Whitman- Love Song of the Waterfall

Dried up.

Although I continue to binge on hip hop, the truth is that I've listened to "Love Song of the Waterfall" more than any other song in 2008. And I'm certainly not goofing on the 1954 hit. A lonesome sense of yearning is buoyed by romantic optimism. Artlessly nostalgic? Perhaps. Silly? Almost certainly. Lovable? Most definitely. It's as if all the heartache was magically stripped out of Hank Williams. And it's almost certain that Roy Orbison studied Whitman's epic sweep. There's plenty more where this came from on this outstanding budget-priced collection.

Danny Cox's home caught on fire over the weekend. No one was hurt. (Thanks to BGO and Tony for the tip.)

Merge just leaked "All the Lost Souls Welcome You To San Francisco," a new song from a February release by the venerable American Music Club. Like so many Mark Eitzel compositions, it speaks directly to me.

Kansas City Click: Their MySpace account claims they sound like "Weezer meets Costello." While Sexy Accident probably won't make anyone forget either act tonight at Jerry's Bait Shop in Lee's Summit, they're sure to provide a decent soundtrack to the football game.

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