Thursday, January 31, 2008

Joao Bosco- Ronco da Cuica

No more brilliance.

I stumbled upon El Guincho via Eat My Art Out. While I can't decipher the blogger's nonsensical description, I share his enthusiasm for the Spanish artist. El Guincho is clearly drawing inspiration from classic MPB by the likes of Joao Bosco.

"Ronco da Cuica," from 1982, is surreal from beginning to end. It has a Sgt. Pepper-esque introduction, hyperactive percussion effects, seemingly random production and an anticlimactic fade. I'm guessing that the bizarre song first appeared on this out-of-print album. I pulled it from this compilation, which is also out-of-print.

"Ronco da Cuica" still sounds futuristic in this refined all-star session, but it's positively anarchic in this brand new fan footage.

I'm looking forward to seeing this kind of stuff from Kid Koala next week.

Kansas City Click: The Lonely H play tonight at the Record Bar. The teenagers play convincing classic rock. Need proof? Look no further.


brucedene said...

Roxy x Meatloaf + (The Band/2) = The Lonely H

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Happy In Bag said...

(Rip Van Winkle + Chicken Little) X lameness = Me

(Instead of driving to the club through light sleet at 11:30 p.m. last night to catch The Lonely H, I went to sleep.)

brucedene said...

I've wimped out for less than that. Even with two good knees.