Friday, January 04, 2008

Carlos Vives- Alicia Adorada


I met a charming Colombian couple last week. And because I sometimes just can't help myself, I immediately proceeded to trash their favorite artist. "Juanes is way too commercial for my taste," I whined. I could make the same claim for much of Carlos Vives' catalog. But in 1993 the Colombian star released Clasicos de la Provincia, a universally acclaimed roots album. It's been among my favorites since I bought it at a Houston market on January 24, 1996. My receipt says, appropriately enough, "Le deseamos un feliz prospero and nuevo." (Yes, I save them.) Here's a video of "La Gota Fria," the album's hit. This live version gets the point across even more effectively.

Album sales plunge again. I knew I should have taken that job at the buggy whip factory.

One of Kansas City's best attributes is that it's relatively free of irony. So when a community radio station DJ played Procol Harum's "Whiskey Train" this morning, he wasn't goofing on cowbells. Dude...

Ghosty posted an appropriately dizzying video for "Dumbo Wins Again," a song from their forthcoming album on OxBlood.

Kansas City Click: The Elders will pack the Record Bar Friday and Saturday nights.

John Brewer has the late shift at Jardine's Saturday night.

I rarely recommend shows at O'Dowd's on the Plaza, but Brett Gibson might be the best thing going on Sunday.


Bea said...

Oh! :-) I love Juanes. In fact, I got his most recent album as a Christmas gift. But I understand he can be too much on the pop side for people who prefer music which is more cultural.

Carlos Vives, on the other hand, revived vallenato, a very Colombian type of music listened to by just a few, to make it popular all around the country.

Anonymous said...

just a few??? El vallenato is now popular in many parts of the caribe and latin america. Carlos Vives rules!