Wednesday, January 30, 2008

David Murray- Waltz To Heaven

The dance is over.

Who's the best baseball player? Greatest president? I'm not a fan of this pointless parlor game. Even so, when it comes to the subject of best living jazz musician, it'd be impossible not to give David Murray serious consideration. His ability to play inside and outside simultaneously is one of Murray's most remarkable accomplishments. His bass clarinet work on "Waltz To Heaven" is a great example. He's not walking a stylistic fine line; he renders it irrelevant. This sublime brilliance is from the out-of-print 1991 session A Sanctuary Within. He's joined by bassist Tony Overwater, drummer Sunny Murray and Kahil El' Zabar on percussion.

I recently added Masala to my blogroll because I didn't want to miss gems like this. Masala asserts (correctly, I believe) that the song and its accompanying video indicate that the inevitable globalization of pop music has fully arrived. The ditty by IshQ Bector and Sunidhi Chauhan is annoyingly Fergalicious.

Don't miss this incredible story about an arsonist DJ at Austin's KOOP.

Kansas City Click: Wacky There Stands the Glass favorites Coat Party open for Blood On the Wall at the Record Bar tonight.

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