Friday, January 11, 2008

Martinho Da Vila- Cade A Farinha?

No more beauty.

Imagine if you could only listen to one style of music for the remainder of your days on earth. Perhaps you'd opt for modal jazz, today's indie rock, old school hip hop or classic '60s soul. I'd have to give serious consideration to the sounds of Brazil from the 1980s. The music is ecstatically rich, complex and joyous. Martinho Da Vila is a largely overlooked figure; yet work like Batuqueiro is unspeakably gorgeous. Da Vila is obviously smiling throughout this samba- and how could he not? You can see that smile on this delightful clip. And wouldn't it be something to turn on the TV only to see this commercial?

It's a dark day for Kansas City's classic rock crowd. KYYS's impending format change leaves only three locals stations with "More Than a Feeling" in regular rotation. I shouldn't kid around, though- they're playing Ted Nugent's "Wango Tango" as I type these words. Don't tell me that's not awesome. Wait- now it's Sammy Hagar's "Heavy Metal"! Honestly, I'll miss gems like these.

Kansas City Click: It's Kansas City's first chance to crank that with Soulja Boy tonight at Sprint Center. Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Sean Kingston and Lil Mama are also on the bill.

Bobby Sanabria appears at the Folly Saturday.

How about a taste of inspirational folk-rock by Gwendy Joysen at "The Complaint Free Church" come Sunday morning?

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