Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bruton & Price- Sumter's Contribution To Bop

Bop no more.

I won't disparage fans who prefer Hendrix, but the electric guitarist that thrills me most is T-Bone Walker. His jazz-based sound never fails to floor me. This footage serves as a fine example. Sumter Bruton III helped point me to Walker. His guitar work with popular I-35 circuit barroom heroes The Juke Jumpers in the '80s was both tough and elegant. He recorded Swingmasters Revue, a de facto tribute to Walker, in 1994. As I'm not a fan of co-leader Michael H. Price's vocals, an instrumental is featured here.

I'm tempted to drive over to St. Louis on Saturday to catch a fine blues show. Bobby Rush is always fun, but I really want to see if sixteen-year-old Marquise Knox is the real deal.

Kansas City Click: The noirish noise of Mr. Marcos V7 will fill Davey's Uptown Ramblers Club tonight. They'll be there every Wednesday through February.

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