Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mem Shannon- Wrong People In Charge


I've rarely featured music of New Orleans at There Stands the Glass. It's not that I don't love it; releases by Louisiana-based artists compose a large percentage of my collection. The city was a favorite vacation destination, both during Jazz Fest and throughout the year. But now painful personal issues make it difficult for me to even listen to music from the region. I'm putting that aside for Fat Tuesday. Mem Shannon is one of the notable roots-oriented artists participating in a local club crawl tonight. And how can I resist featuring the presciently titled "Wrong People In Charge" from Shannon's 2nd Blues Album?

American Idol is on right now and I'm not watching it. Whatever will I talk about tomorrow? Perhaps I'll mask my ignorance by discussing the background of judge Randy Jackson. His list of credits at All Music awes me. It starts with fusion fiddler Jean-Luc Ponty and goes on to list giants like Dylan, Bruce and Irma. And he played bass on Madonna's "Like a Prayer." That auspicious accomplishment alone keeps me from referencing his less notable works.

Kansas City Click: There's still plenty of time to hop on board tonight's Mardi Gras club crawl. Mem Shannon, Rosie Ledet and Trampled Underfoot are among the artists on stage.

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