Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The High Llamas- Travel

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If ever a band could have been helped by the music blogging community, it was The High Llamas of the mid-'90s. The band's smart aesthetic was an ideal fit with today's arty, indie-enthralled bloggers. Alas, the High Llamas' innovative work came a decade early. Before Sean O'Hagan fell hopelessly enamored of Pet Sounds, he issued the now out-of-print Santa Barbara in '92. As the breezy "Travel" suggests, the sound leans heavily on the Byrds and Beatles. It's not as "important" as later albums, but it's exceedingly pleasant. The High Llama's new Can Cladders was released this week.

Kansas City Click: A big hardcore tour hits El Torreon tonight. The cathartic thrash of Trophy Scars is the main attraction.

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jason said...

Sweet jam. I wasn't cool/old enough to know about this band in the 90s, but I bought a retrospective & rarities CD a couple years ago.

That's all, bye.