Thursday, February 15, 2007

Let Go- Spotlights

Burned out.

There are a gazillion pop-punk bands. And the crazy thing is that so many of them are so good. With all that competition, hundreds of worthy bands, including Let Go, have a hard time breaking through to the mainstream. "Spotlights" is an obvious hit. What makes it for me, other than the overt influence of '80s rock cheese by the likes of Boston and Journey, is the synth bit at the 58-second mark. Their self-titled album contains eleven similar gems.

It's nothing like the typical ghoul patrol. The women buying the final Gerald LeVert album loved the man and his music. I expect it to land in the top five in its first week.

I have yet to purchase the new Rickie Lee Jones album, but after watching this promotional video , I can't wait to start spending quality time with it.

Portugal the Man are one of the better AP Magazine-approved bands. Along with a slew of other acts, they play the Grand Emporium tonight.

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