Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Danko/Fjeld/Anderson- All Creation


If the purpose of Endless Highway was to draw attention to the Band, the project seems to be succeeding. This out-of-print side project of the late Rick Danko is very compelling. "All Creation," written by Eric Anderson and Danko as a memorial to Richard Manuel, is one of my favorite songs. Danko's craggy croon just wipes me out. If I were to ever make a movie, I guarantee that that I'd have this song- complete with the voices of the Oslo Gospel Choir- play over the closing credits.

The news of Beyonce's recent gig makes me feel like a fourteen-year-old boy again.

Kansas City Click: Isn't it romantic? The vital rock of the Architects, the freak-out noise of Pixel Panda, and more senseless brutality lie in wait tonight at The Grand Emporium.


jon manyjars said...

That's a good song, that. Just watched "Festival Express" with Richard Manuel singing "I Shall Be Released". Brilliant.

Happy In Bag said...

Oh, gee whiz, Jon! I knew someone had inspired me to post on a Band-related project, but I didn't give you credit because I failed to remember that it was you. By the way, Jon, I love Gomez.

jon manyjars said...

No harm done. Gomez is one of those bands that I really SHOULD like (given their influences) but don't. I guess I was hoping for a reincarnation of Lowell George? Anyway, I gave away my copy of the first Gomez album and never looked back.