Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jean-Michel Pilc- Mysterioso

Case closed.

It feels like a shameful confession- I'm on a big European jazz kick. I've been dismissing regular reports that the scene is loaded with creative players backed by a receptive audience. And as undeniable evidence of this trend, not only is Live At Iridium, New York a remarkably exciting set of vibrant jazz, Frenchman Jean Michel-Pilc is literally a rocket scientist. France wins! Even though Pilc showcases several solid originals on the album, I can't resist his insistent take on Monk's "Mysterioso." Download a couple unreleased piano solos at Pilc's MySpace page.

My review of Ashley Tisdale's debut release is here.

Kansas City Click: Mike's Tavern has reopened, and the weekly jam session of UMKC jazz students is back. As I wrote here you never know who'll show up.

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