Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Southside Johnny- Love On the Wrong Side of Town

The song moved away.

Bruce, I’ll buy your jug band tribute to Pete Seeger today. But it’ll be a joyless transaction inspired by the years of service you provided back when I really needed you. The two new songs I’ve heard sound tedious and overwrought. Listening to this live 1978 recording from your old Jersey pals makes the prospect of dedicating time to your new project even less appealing. The Jukes just tear it up here. How about revisiting your blue-eyed soul years, back when you melded Dylan with Otis? Better still, why don’t you revisit Astral Weeks?


Happy In Bag said...

So Bruce, I spent last night with The Seeger Sessions, and I had a pretty good time. And I liked seeing you having fun on the DVD side. But seriously, think about what I told you.

Yurodivy said...

I'm holding out for a version of "Thunder Road" with banjo and tuba.