Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sara Evans- I've Got a Tiger By the Tail

The tail broke off.

Missouri-bred country star Sara Evans sang the national anthem for The Kansas City Royals' opening day ceremonies. Even a B-2 flyover and Challenger the stunt eagle failed to overshadow her stellar unaccompanied performance. Because she's become progressively slicker- and more popular- with each new release, it's easy to forget that her first release is an outstanding traditional country effort. Produced by Pete Anderson, 1997's Three Chords and the Truth is almost gritty enough to be a Bloodshot release. Sara has great originals on the album, including a co-write with Al Anderson, but I couldn't resist her raw cover of this Buck Owens rocker.


countrygrrl said...

the same is said of the dixies...just because they rocked out and looked good they seemed to be thought of less, anyhow i think sara evans has a great voice and has done countrry music a favour by doing this buck owens classic tiger by the tail, she can catch me by my tail anyday!!

Happy In Bag said...

I like the Dixie Chicks, too, Countrylgrrl. There's a bit of a brouhaha in the U.S. at the moment about the first single from their new album. It seems to be a defiant take on the negative reaction to their statements about our president. It doesn't take much to get Nashville in a dither. The song is streaming at .