Monday, April 24, 2006

Luqman Hamza- My One and Only Love

The love has ended.

Because he's based in Kansas City, Luqman Hamza is categorized as a jazz musician. He's actually an old-fashioned entertainer, most comfortable when he's crooning standards to a suave dinner set. On his 2000 Groove Note release, Hamza is backed by local first-call drummer Tommy Ruskin and Kim Park on sax. Tyrone Clark plays bass. Hamza loves Nat King Cole, Charles Brown and Billy Eckstine, as evidenced by the elegant "My One and Only Love." His piano work is reminiscent of Oscar Peterson. I caught Hamza sitting in at a jam session Saturday afternoon, and while he's gracious and humble by nature, Hamza's overwhelming talent thoroughly dominated the proceedings.


moose & squirrel said...

Thanks for the much needed reminder. Sometimes I forget.


Lee said...

Hear, here! I caught LH at the Blue Room last year (with Montez Coleman on drums and Will Matthews on guitar - pretty cool). Never has the old cliche "class act" been more apt.

Happy In Bag said...

I know LH used to work the Playboy Club, but that's a little before my time. I can't believe that he doesn't have a regular swanky gig at a hotel or club. Or maybe he does and plebes like me aren't invited.

Lee said...

He plays at The Peachtree most Sundays from 1-4. It's not the gig you describe, but it is regular. Maybe something will arise at the re-swankified President Hotel.