Friday, April 14, 2006

Salt the Earth- Lyra

The soundtrack is over.

Screamo, post-punk, math-metal, hopscotch-hiccup. Whatever you want to call their sound, this Lawrence, KS, band was primed to catapult itself onto the cover of AP magazine when Process of Breaking was issued in 2004. True to its title, the band disintegrated soon after. Salt the Earth's strong melodic sense and metallic flourishes are heard to good effect here.

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Happy In Bag said...

Hold the presses! A reformed Salt the Earth has two shows scheduled- May 19 at the Jackpot and May 20 at El Torreon. I'm told it'll be Marty Bush and some new guys. I plan on catching the KC gig. Ah, nostalgia for two years ago is so sweet.