Thursday, April 13, 2006

Annie Humphrey- Spirit Horses (with John Trudell)

The horse has escaped.

PBS aired a documentary about John Trudell on Tuesday. The Native American activist and spoken word artist is a very compelling figure. Anti-capitalism protesters, fans of Gil Scott-Heron, Bob Dylan or the Clash, as well as anyone interested in the exceedingly rare combination of protest music and first-rate rock'n'roll, would relish Trudell's AKA Grafitti Man. Trudell contributes to The Heron Smiles, Annie Humphrey's compelling release from 2000. Literary types should know that the album also contains a song co-written by Sherman Alexie. Here's more information about Humphrey and her music. Don't miss the beautiful video for this song while you're there.


moose & squirrel said...

Thanks for sharing this. And I am so sorry that I missed the Trudell movie. Good thing it is coming out on DVD in May.

Happy In Bag said...

M&S- The most startling thing to me was how handsome Trudell was as a young man. Kids should be wearing Trudell instead of Che Guevara on their trendy t-shirts.