Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Windbreakers- You Never Give Up

But the MP3 host gave up.

There was a time when this brand of jangly, psychedelic college rock meant the world to me. Yet I'm not sure it's aged any better than me. Tim Lee and Bobby Sutliff crafted several albums of hazy but catchy guitar-based material, like this Mitch Easter-produced song from 1983. The terrific compilation Time Machine (1982-2002) on the Paisley Pop label stands in for my scratchy old LPs, but really, the dusty grooves would significantly enhance my nostalgia.


Anonymous said...

Well, I suppose it's aged better than I have. It was 23 years ago and our second trip to Mitch Easter's Drive In Studio. We'd just ditched our Stewart Copeland wannabe drummer so it was just Tim and me. Mitch played drums and Richard Barone added the amazing E Bow guitar solo. Is it a great song? I sort of think so. We went on to do better stuff but this was a pretty good start. FWIW - that's me on the low twangy guitar bit. I think I still remember how to play it.

Bobby Sutliff

Happy In Bag said...

Bobby- I'm thrilled you took the time to comment. Thanks. -Bill