Thursday, February 16, 2006

Howard Iceberg- Leavin' Kansas City

Howard packed up and left.

Texas can keep Kinky Friedman. We have Howard Iceberg. Like Kinky, Howard is an intriguing, larger-than-life figure. But unlike Kinky, it's not dangerous to stand between Howard and a television camera. The Kansas City songwriter is clearly the spawn of Bob Dylan and John Prine. And I regret the unkind things I've uttered about Howard's voice in the past. I've come to realize that while it may have prevented him from achieving wider acclaim, his voice is the perfect vehicle to deliver smart, funny vignettes like Leavin' Kansas City.


AM said...

I'm sad to admit how long it took me to appreciate Howard's voice. I've always appreciated him as a songwriter, but it took a little longer to appreciate his voice... Fun song. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I have long been a fan of his since my brother introduced me to Howard in my early twenties. Now some 18 or so years later, I still find his lyrics and voice intriguing. Play on Mr. Iceberg.