Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Jesus and Mary Chain- Never Understood

And now you'll never get it.

Beginning with its title, Munki is a mess. It should have been called either I Love Rock'n'Roll or I Hate Rock'n'Roll, after the songs that open and close the 70-minute Sub Pop release from 1998. Munki is an album about JAMC's relationship to rock'n'roll as fans and as professional musicians. The band had been outflanked on all sides. And they knew it. As this song frames it, "I think I'm going out of style. I think I've known it for a while." It's a shame, because with just a little more work, Munki could have been great. Many of the songs are no more than rough sketches; it's as if the band gave up on the project before it was completed. Maybe that explains the title- they couldn't decide whether they loved or hated the music. Munki it is then!

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