Monday, February 13, 2006

Ruby Braff & Ellis Larkins- My Funny Valentine

I no longer love you.

"My Funny Valentine"'s beautiful melody belies the cruelty of its lyrics. "Your looks are laughable"? "Figure less than Greek"? "Mouth a little weak"? Were Rogers and Hart trying to get guys slapped? And that's one reason I'm offering this instrumental version of the standard a day early. It'll give you time to realize this rendition's superiority before the big day arrives. Pairing elegant pianist Ellis Larkins with Ruby Braff's spirited cornet for a series of duet recordings was John Hammond's idea. It's a sublime combination. Larkins' unconventional approach to the song overflows with imagination. Braff, as always, is warm and melodic. These 1956 recordings are highly recommended for lovers of traditional jazz, as well as for lovers of romance in general.

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Jeffrey Siegel said...

Thanks for the perfect song for the perfect day - as to the point about "getting guys slapped", the song was originally sung by a woman to a man whose name was Valentine in the stage play of Babes in Arms!