Monday, February 06, 2006

Kristen Hall- Not Since I Found You

The MP3 can no longer be found.

The first time I saw a Sugarland video, I thought that the 40-something gal in the country-rock crossover act looked familiar. Sure enough, it was Kristen Hall, who'd I'd admired as a folkie in the '90s. Here's a song from her out-of-print debut. Real Life Stuff was issued in 1990 on Daemon, the label operated by Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls. The sound is rough, but a couple things stand out. Several of the songs, including "Not Since I Found You," sound like demos of potential hits, and Hall's rich voice really sells them. Just last month, Hall quit her hit-making band. So she won't be at the Grammy Awards on Wednesday night when Sugarland will likely fall to John Legend, Fall Out Boy, Keane or Ciara as the winner of the Best New Artist award.

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