Thursday, February 09, 2006

Eddie Hinton- Get Off In It

You'll just have to imagine how good this is.

I'd give almost anything to sing like Otis Redding. That's what Eddie Hinton did until those personal demons ended his life in 1995. The wonderful Very Extremely Dangerous, from 1978, is out of print again. "Get Off In It" isn't a song so much as it is a feeling, a mood, or a sermon. It moves me. Earlier this week, I learned that my old friend, Dan Conn, died. He loved Eddie Hinton, too. I'll miss you, Dan.

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Anonymous said...

I bought "very extremely dangerous" on vinyl through It cost me 20 bucks for a good used copy. My brother had a copy on CD. I got evrything I can find on eddie cept the interview and the last collevtion. He is an inspiration to me in all possible ways, musically. I would like to know any autobiographical info on this great musician. Thanks.
I'm at