Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Twenty Best Music Videos of 2011

Partly because I'm horrified by the absence of Tom Waits in my year-end albums and songs and shows lists, I was compelled to compile another list that would include the great man.

1. Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat- "Copper Top" (above)
I identify with every moment.

2. Spoek Mathambo- "Control"

3. Tyler, the Creator- "Yonkers"
A nihilistic star is born.

4. ASAP Rocky- "Purple Swag"
Can't. Stop. Watching.

5. BLNRB featuring Ukoo Flani, Radi and Jahcoozi- "Ma Bhoom Bhoom"
What in the world?

6. Beyonce- "Best Thing I Never Had"
No explanation necessary.

7. Tuneyards- "Bizness"

8. Manchester Orchestra- "Simple Math"

9. Evidence featuring Fashawn- "Same Folks"
The encounter at 3:35 floors me.

10. Tom Waits- "Satisfied"
It "scratches where I been itchin'."

11. Is Tropical- "The Greeks"
The music is just ok, but oh, the video!

12. Destroyer- "Kaputt"

13. Battles- "My Machines"
Gary Numan!

14. Sims- "Burn It Down"
I love this crew.

15. Lil Wayne- 6 Foot 7 Foot
It's all about Tammy.

16. St. Vincent- "Cruel"

17. Nicki Minaj- "Moment 4 Life"

19. Mayer Hawthorne- "A Long Time"
A sweet homage to Berry Gordy.

20. Katy Perry- "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)"
What's it to you?

Need more? Here's my list of the top 25 Kansas City music videos of 2011.

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