Monday, December 12, 2011

The Top 25 Kansas City Music Videos of 2011

While I'm a bit embarrassed that a twee pop song tops a list loaded with gangsta rappers, I simply can't resist Hidden Pictures' suffocatingly cute video.

1. Hidden Pictures- "Anne Apparently"
2. Greg Enemy - "Sophisticated Goon Sh*t"
3. Hospital Ships- "Galaxies"
4. XV- "Awesome"
5. Stik Figa and Ron Ron- "Caked Up"
6. Hammerlord- "Tombstone Piledriver"
7. Big Scoob- "All I Kno is Hood"
8. The Latenight Callers- "The Tease"
9. Girls With Guitars featuring Samantha Fish- "B*tch"
10. Mac Lethal- "Something I Can Heart"
11. Ces Cru featuring Mac Lethal- "Guntitled"
12. Ron Ron- "The Ghetto"
13. The Popper feat. Tech N9ne, Ron Ron & Donta Slusha- "For the Mo"
14. Ubiquitous- "Roadwork"
15. Minden- "Gold Standard"
16. Tech N9ne- "He's a Mental Giant"
17. Dinero Fazil- "Mi Vida Escrita en Papeles"
18. Cash Image- "'Round Here"
19. Dutch Newman- "Do You Like Mine"
20. Mon EG- featuring Lil Boosie- "Dime Piece"
21. Nesto the Owner- "Man In My City"
22. Steddy P- "Live Your Life"
23. Dutch Newman- "Sean Malto"
24. Beama featuring JL and Big Ben- "Street Session"
25. Red Line Chemistry- "You Don't Get It"

Mac Lethal's "Look at Me Now" merits an honorable mention for raking in 9 million views in two weeks.

I conducted the same exercise in 2010.


bgo said...

Nothing like stereotyping librarians. Catchy tune and actually makes the young gals look sexy but prudish which is true and not. They should have put Mike Stover's wife in this.
It sure is lonely getting old.

bgo said...

I'm glad you can share all of this so I can claim hipness in so many corners. But have you found any hardcore honkies you like on video in the last year? From an objective ascetic stance? And is this list from your own keen love or a mere critical eye from paying attention all these years. I'm a confused old fart. How many videos are made in the next 30 minutes? It's pretty overwhelming, innit? Keep this stuff coming so I don't lose touch.

Happy In Bag said...

Interesting questions, BGO.

I absolutely love the music and images featured in the first five videos. My enthusiasm becomes increasingly qualified as the list progresses. Even so, I believe this compilation is about much more than music. Anyone seeking to fully understand what's going on in Kansas City in 2011, for instance, needs to study items like #18.

The plethora of hip hop titles and the absence of jazz reflect the realities of the marketplace.

bgo said...

To fully understand what's going on in KC 2011 I need to study #18???

Okay. If you say so.

Glad to see clowns still gather in packs.

On a serious note. It's getting bad in parts of my town and it really saddens me very deep. I'm a city boy. Inner city boy my whole life. Mayor James as well as the new PD chief are trying to address this. I wish I was more of a community activist sometimes.

Chris Doolittle said...

Thanks for doing this. As I have told you before, you do the research and I get the rewards. #1 is number #1 with me too. Keep it up!