Friday, December 09, 2011

Everything's Getting Older

I found my musical soulmate. Having come to the conclusion that my personal preferences in music had become so oddly deformed that no one could possibly share my love of free jazz, hip hop and metal, I discovered a year-end 50 favorite albums list that correlates with my interests. Craig Taborn and Tech N9ne? I am not alone.

My new best friend's list does not include Everything's Getting Older, the new album by Aidan Moffat and Bill Wells. It's tentatively placed at #18 on year-end my list.

Esperanza Spaulding, Van der Graaf Generator, Wayne Shorter and Marianne Faithful? Montreal Jazz Festival , here I come.

Barbara Orbison and I didn't get along. She died Tuesday.

Dobie Gray has died.

What price loyalty? I'm taking a beating at Plastic Sax and in the real world for not aligning myself with an angry mob.

Kansas City Click: My official picks are published here.


Gary said...

Crap, still regretting missing Peter Hammill when he played the Cashew.

Happy In Bag said...

I may have mentioned it before at TSTG, Gary, but catching Hammill in the basement of a church in Westport when I was an impressionable teenager forever altered my perception of "rock music."