Friday, October 22, 2010

What Color is Mac Lethal's Parachute?

In the liner notes to the new Love Potion No. 6, Mac Lethal makes an unflinching assessment of his career as a recording artist.

"The original 11:11 sessions is the only project I would ever consider a finely tuned, handcrafted Mac Lethal album," he confesses.

I concur. I've dedicated countless hours to Mac's recordings and I've written about him extensively. His potential for greatness is immediately apparent, but his recordings, by and large, fail to match his talent. Many of Mac's problems are self-inflicted. He's too smart by half.

"I'm Bo Jackson on these rappers," he blurts on Love Potion No. 6's "The Gas Station." "If it's hip, I break it."

Perhaps not since Paul Westerberg has a gifted artist so willfully sabotaged his own career. Mac promises that his forthcoming album, Irish Goodbye, will be different.

"Irish Goodbye is the true realization of who I am as a human," he writes. "(A)nd where I would like to take my music from here on out."

But what if he's wrong? What if Irish Goodbye isn't very good? I'd never suggest that Mac's genuine love of hip hop led to a poor career choice, but I have contingency plans in mind just in case this rap thing doesn't work out.
High school or college English professor- He'd be the popular teacher who employs Method Man lyrics as metaphors.
Political windbag- As a commentator, Mac would be the anti-Bill O'Reilly. Or maybe he'd be more like Bill Maher, only funny.
Bartender- Sure, it's an obvious suggestion. That's the point.

But hey, Mac- no matter what happens, I got your back.

Mac Lethal's future may be uncertain, but it's sprayed across the walls in the new video for little Willow Smith. The kid is gonna be huge.

Ari Up of the Slits has died.

Stik Figa and D/Will have a nice new video for "Whutupwidit" (Link via Wayward Blog.)

My notes about an impromptu performance by Pearl Thuston-Brown are at Plastic Sax.

Kansas City Click: I hope to attend the block party on the street in front of the Mutual Musicians Foundation on Friday. Details are here. (Facebook login required.)

Raheem DeVaughan croons Saturday at the Uptown Theater.

Alaturka return to Jardine's on Sunday.

Big Sandy is joined by Los Straightjackets Monday at Knuckleheads.

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