Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: Sufjan Stevens at the Uptown Theater

I figured last night's concert by Sufjan Stevens would be pretentious. It was. I expected his adoring audience to blindly accept each of his precious whims. They did. I knew that I wouldn't hear any rock, thrash, swing or funk. I was right.

And yet... I loved it. Heaven help me.

The cinematic chamber-folk rendered by Stevens and his nine-piece band brought the antiquated sounds of the circus to mind. That's a good thing. Any lingering cynicism I harbored was completely overwhelmed during the gleefully absurd 25-minute song cycle "Impossible Soul."

"Boy," Stevens repeatedly sang, "We can do much more together."

I guess so.

Here's Joel Francis' review of Stevens. Elke Mermis' thoughts are here.

Eyedea, of Rhymesayers-affiliated act Eyedea & Abilities, has died. (Tip via S.)

I was apparently so consumed by the news of the death of Solomon Burke that I overlooked the passing of Joan Sutherland last week.

Kansas City Click: Early Man's gig at The Riot Room is the loudest of the live music options I'm considering Monday.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)

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