Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review: Chloe Hanslip at The Folly Theater

Brief video of a Chloe Hanslip recording session for Naxos.

I was among the 900 people who attended the free recital by violin prodigy Chloe Hanslip and pianist Ashley Wass Friday at the Folly Theater. My friend Robert Folsom wrote a proper review of the Harriman-Jewell series concert, so I'll just note a few incidental details.

A significant portion of the audience had children in tow. Little girls took to the elegant venue and challenging music like ducks to water. Many of the boys, perhaps inevitably, fidgeted and whined.

The ambient noise during the opening piece, a Beethoven sonata, seemed deafening. Candy wrapper crinkling, chair squeaking and the frustrated shushing of parents threatened to drown out the duo. And as it would throughout the concert, inappropriate applause between movements further muddled the proceedings.

I contributed to the unwelcome din by laughing out loud when a toddler began wailing during Szymanowski's "3 Myths for Violin and Piano (Op. 30)." The kid's reaction was understandable. It's a frightening piece. A quarter of the audience didn't return after intermission. They missed a genuinely thrilling rendition of Saint-Saens' "Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano in D minor (Op. 75)."

The duo performed "Summertime" as an encore. (Download the MP3 from the university's Twitter feed here. It's delightful.)

Among my circle of jazz friends, I'm the sole person who doesn't openly despise Wynton Marsalis. I really like what I hear at the 3:50 mark of the EPK for his new album.

Saxophonist Marion Brown has died. Here's Peter Hum's remembrance.

I admire this bleak song by Franz Nicolay.

Google took down another There Stands the Glass post this morning. The July entry mentioned the popular rapper with a duck-ish name. That's all it takes- I haven't posted an MP3 at this site in over six months.

Kansas City Click: Kirsten Paludan plays an early show Tuesday at The Record Bar.

(Original image of the post-concert discussion with Hanslip and Wass by There Stands the Glass.)

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bgo said...

My ken of Wynton goes back to his teen years as a member of the Jazz Messengers. All the jazz cats I knew back then said he would go on to do great things. He has.