Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Attempting to Live Fast and Die Old in KC

I ran into Tim Finn at Frank Turner's show at Crosstown Station on Monday. As he writes in his synopsis of the night, Finn had just covered a disappointing Kid Cudi concert.

I'd spent the early portion of the evening at the Blue Room where Bobby Watson had overseen the public debut performance of The Gates BBQ Suite. That momentous event was followed by an impromptu appearance by eighty-something Pearl Thuston-Brown. Given that context, it's not surprising that Tim appreciated Turner more than me.

Maybe I still had my jazz ears on. Or perhaps my expectations were just too high. Turner name-checked the Hold Steady and Kansas City's Architects in his introduction to "I Still Believe". Frankly, Turner and his band aren't as dynamic as either act. I also cherish my memories of performances by other British pub rockers including Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe, Ian McLagan and Wreckless Eric. Turner was good, but not quite that good.

It's also possible that I'm just a crank. "Live Fast, Die Old" (turn your volume way down) is an admirable motto, but it's one that's exceedingly difficult for me to live up to while standing in a Kansas City tavern after midnight on a Monday.

How is it that I'd never heard of Sly, Slick & Wicked until a couple days ago?

Kansas City Click: Green Corn Revival, a fine Oklahoma band featured at There Stands the Glass last month, perform Wednesday at Knuckleheads.

Foxy Shazam and Free Energy team up Thursday at the Record Bar.

(Original image of Frank Turner by There Stands the Glass.)

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