Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Wire- Too True

No longer true.

Two copies of the out-of-print Behind the Curtain are listed at Amazon. One is priced at $99.99. The other is $122.71. I paid .99 cents for my copy of the 1995 Wire compilation at a Hastings store in Hays, Kansas, several years ago. It's hard to imagine that the band featured on "Too True," a demo from 1977, would be able to do this just two years later. I'm not in the habit of selling off my collection- rare Sun Ra on vinyl excepted- but times are tough. Make me an offer.

Just because something happened a long time ago doesn't mean it was tasteful or tame. That's the message I attempted to convey in my review of Kevin Mahogany's tribute to Joe Turner. Even in a formal setting, Turner couldn't stop leering.

Here's more public self-flagellation for your amusement. My music trivia team came in third last night. Again. I failed to identify Gang Starr, Nico, and the members of the Statler Brothers. I lashed out at my teammates in frustration but I managed to refrain from heckling the host.

Kansas City rapper Ron Ron has a new video.

Kansas City Click: The Tards are on the bill at The Riot Room tonight.


bob reich said...

awesome blog... adding you to my blogroll @ http://gimmetinnitus.com/

Happy In Bag said...

Thanks, Bob. Your site looks very promising. I'll dig in after March Madness fades.