Friday, February 27, 2009

Noreen Corcoran- Love Kitten

Cat nap.

Twin forces of nature Estelle and Solange played one of the most enjoyable shows in recent memory last night. As this review notes, not many people saw it.

It's a shame- there should be a massive audience for an indie rock show masquerading as an R&B review. I told a friend that thousands of people will later claim to have been present; both women seem destined for huge success. And even if I'm wrong, there's a long and noble tradition of neglected girl groups.

Devotees of both Bruce Springteen and The Ramones will lose their minds when they hear this forgotten gem by Noreen Corcoran from 1963. Its riffs are more than a little familiar. "Love Kitten" is just one of 24 amazing songs on this girl-group compilation.

If a slice of brilliance like "Love Kitten" can miss, nothing is guaranteed for Estelle or Solange.

I couldn't stop staring at Rex Hobart Tuesday evening at The Record Bar. I had just realized that the honky tonk traditionalist bears an uncanny resemblance to rapper Mac Lethal. Have the two Kansas City-area residents ever been seen together?

Kansas City Click: Too Short is joined by local luminaries including Rich the Factor tonight at Club Dallas.

Kevin Mahogany returns to Kansas City for a Saturday gig at the Folly Theater.

The People's Liberation Big Band touches down at the Record Bar Sunday.

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